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Date: 10/18/2002 4:17:58 PM
Name: Vic Brown
Subject: RE: Ultimate CO2 Ma
Sean, do you find that enhancing the CO2 levels in the atmosphere really makes an appreciable difference to the growth of your CPs? CO2 currently occurs in the atmoshere at a concentration of about 35.5 parts per 1000 (and rising!). Just by breathing in the same room as your plants you raise the CO2 levels by a factor of 10s to 100s. Also, carbon is not a limiting factor for CP's, it's Nitrogen they need, hence the evolution of carnivory. Even if you perceive that CO2 levels have fallen to limiting levels due to photosynthesis during the hours that the plants are lighted, I doubt that this is actually the case, due to human presence (and or pets) and CO2 from microbial activity in the soil. I can see a case for enhancing CO2 with an aquatic like Aldrovanda, decaying straw usually take care of that, but doubt it's value for terrestrial CP's, even in fairly enclosed terraria. I'd love to be proven wrong. Cheers Vic

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