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Date: 10/16/2002 2:38:09 PM
Name: Joseph Clemens
Subject: RE: Propagating Drosera falconeri
It is repeatable/replicable. I had placed 3 other manually detached [i]Drosera falconeri[/i] basal leaf segments into the same conditions which produced the first little leaf budded plantlet. This was about 5 days ago. I have been observing them every other day. This morning Tuesday, 15Oct02 I noticed that one of the segments had a small [i]Drosera falconeri[/i] plantlet formed and growing. I am excited; these plantlets were produced from leaves that no longer had living leaf blades or even much of a petiole remaining. :D :D

Date: 3/14/2005 11:36:02 PM
Name: chuck
Subject: RE: Propagating Drosera falconeri
Hi, what soil mix were you using for your parent plant? What time frame did you have your success with the detached leaf? Your plant looks awesome, Thanks Chuck

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